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Imbolc Blessings!

Posted by Linnae Dufresne on

Blessed Imbolc witches! February 1st through the 4th we celebrate the coming of Spring! We are not in Spring just yet, but we are at the halfway point between the Winter & Spring Equinox (Yule & Ostara). It's the final stage of winter with that spark of the Sun's return. The days are now getting longer and we have hope that Spring is right around the corner.

In non-modern times this was an important time because winters were so harsh and if you made it to this point you had much to celebrate! You were on the ‘home stretch’ and could now prepare for Spring. 

In many Pagan traditions this is a time to honor Brigid, a Celtic Goddess of fertility, fire, and hearth. She protects and watches over all mothers and children, including animals. In Ireland Imbolc is also known as St. Brigid's Day. Its the day that Brigid reignites the sleeping Earth. A popular symbol s Brigid's Cross which represents the solar aspect of the Goddess. 

It is this phase (the Maiden aspect) of the triple Goddess that we celebrate as it represents pregnancy and potential. The Earth is pregnant and getting ready for the rebirth of Spring. This is a great time to clean out the old to make room for new beginnings. 

Some things you can do to celebrate and honor this time are: 

- Do a Spring cleaning of your home. A real deep clean, get into all those nooks and crannies! No more dust bunnies or cobwebs. Not only does it help to spruce up your home, but energetically it also clears out old stagnant energy. 

-You can also perform a blessing of your home at this time too. Its a great time to cleanse and purify your sacred space (altar) as well. 

-Its a wonderful time to start planning your garden now and begin collecting seeds. If you sow seeds indoors, this a good time to start them. 

-Burning candles at this time is a wonderful tribute to the Sun. Red and white candles are symbolic of fire and a great choice. 

-Weave a Brigid's Cross. You can use straw, or string, or even paper. There are so many how-to tutorials with a quick Google search. 

-Set up you Imbolc altar. Include your Brigid's Cross, candles, and some symbols of Imbolc like lambs, deer, bears, acorns, lavender, snow drop flowers, amethyst crystals, and include colors like green, pink, white, and red.  

-Bake bread and/ or make potato and leek soup. These are great ways to celebrate hearth and home. 

-Journal and/ or do a tarot reading. Since this is a time for gratitude and intention setting these would be great topics to include in your journal or reading. 

This is such a magical time and so full of possibilities.  Happy 'almost Spring' and blessed Imbolc! 

I'd love to hear how you celebrate Imbolc or Candlemas. Feel free to message me or add a comment. 



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