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Crystal Consevatory

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Thank you so much for your interest in the Crystal Conservatory! This is an idea I’ve had swimming around in my mind for a long time and its so exciting to see it come to fruition. I shared my project on social media and the response was huge and that people wanted their own Crystal Conservatory too! So, I’ve figured out the logistics and I ordered 5 terrariums frim Ikea while they had them in stock, because we all know how Ikea has been affected by the supply chain issues so I wanted to make sure I got them before I advertised these! So, there will ONLY be 5 of these available and they are made to order. 

Here’s all the details. Feel free to message me with questions if I missed anything. 

A handmade Ikea hack made especially for the modern witch. This Crystal Conservatory is spray painted gold (sides) and black (bottom) and the plexiglass is laser etched in my home studio (aka The Laboratory) with magical symbols. 

The laser etching is what makes this Crystal Conservatory so magical. And, it takes a whole 5 hours to etch the details- that’s a LONG time in the world of lasers. 

On the 2 short sides sacred geometry is etched in allowing the magical properties of sacred math to enhance your charging station. 

On the 2 long sides are a beautiful mandala of a sun surrounded by the phases of the moon to signify the magic if our celestial realm. In each bottom corner there are magical mushrooms, a reminder of the phases of life and death and the beauty of transformation and connection. And at the top there is an evil eye/ all seeing eye for protection and to ward off negativity. 

On the 2 top panels that open, there is a magical symbol and the affirmation phrase “Prosperity flows thru me at all times”.

This Crystal Conservatory is the perfect place to display your crystals, tarot cards, or any other magical item that fits! 

Its also perfect for charging your magical items during the phases of the moon- or sun! There is some protection from the elements- so dust and other debris won’t damage your magical tools. Beware though, this isn’t rain proof!!! 

Finished size: 

Width: 17 ¾ "

Depth: 8 ¾ "

Height: 13 ¾ "



Shipping cost is included in the price. This isn’t cheap to ship and Im a very small business- sorry! 

This will arrive to you disassembled and in the original Ikea packaging. There will be assembly instructions included.

Because this is handmade and involves a time consuming process of painting and laser etching please allow up to 2 weeks for your Crystal Conservatory to ship. I will keep you posted along the way with details of its progress if you’d like. 

xoxo 🖤