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The Ethereal Lady Earrings

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The Ethereal Lady is a collaborative project between @moodygirl_accessories and @arthuriangoblin_art
Samantha designed The Ethereal Lady with her magic brushes and Linnae brought her to life with magic too- aka lasers!⚡️
Composed of matte Iridescent acrylic and hand painted white details and a sparkly iridescent tear drop bead at the bottom. And, if you look closely (as I know you will indeed gaze at her for long periods because she IS mesmerizing) you will see little details hidden in her hair. So cool 🖤
For me, The Ethereal Lady represents magic and wonder and speaks of pure innocence and beauty. What does she represent/ say to you?

Acrylic, laser cut earrings with hand-painted white details and features iridescent bead.

Size: 3" long and 2" wide 

Hangs from a gold ball post with silicone backing.