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Witches Broom Necklace

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This was such a fun piece to make. Black Kyanite is often referred to as the witches broom pendant, because of its "sweeping" broom shape and also because Black Kyanite is great for clearing negative energy. For this reason, sculpting it as a broom is a powerful metaphor. For the broom handle I used a stick from my yard and I added a circle and some Swarovski crystals, 3 yellow and one red. This is a large pendant and can also be used as a protective symbol and hung in your home, or car, or anywhere you want to remove negative energy. It measures about 5" long and just over 1" wide and hangs from a 16" waxed cotton necklace cord.

Facts about copper jewelry: Most metals interact with your skin and can change color/ tarnish/ patina over time. Copper is known to leave a green residue on your skin. This is not harmful and is just science in action. If that is something you want to avoid you can seal your copper periodically.