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Snail and Toadstool Pendant

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Transport yourself to a magical garden with this snail and toadstool!!! Snails represent patience and perseverance, this would be a powerful talisman to have around to remind you of those qualities.

I sculpted this one-of-a-kind snail and toadstool perched atop a beautiful clear Quartz cluster with my love of magical gardens in mind. It is electro formed with copper and finished with a purple and green brush-on metal patina.

It is infused with magic and love and I hope that it brings you joy when you see it, and that it reminds you of how magical life can be.

This piece can either be worn as a statement necklace or used as home decor. 

Size: 4" tall x 2 3/4" wide x 1" deep

Comes on an 18" vegan (faux suede) leather cord.