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Winter Animals Earrings

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Adorable winter animal with hand-painted folk art style details. There's a bear and also a squirrel. Both animals are tenacious for their ability to make it through the winter.

Most bears hibernate and this represents the ability to be slow and conserve your resources and  energy. A good reminder to take time to rest during the winter. They also represent strength and the ability to stand your ground. 

And the squirrel represents hard work and preparation. A definite contrast to the bears slowing down, the squirrel seems to have endless energy and is always hoarding food. You never know when you will need that nut you buried! 

Whichever winter animal appeals to you right now is a message you need for this moment in time. <3  

Grab one pair or both and tap into the cute and cottage core vibes of these all winter long!

Size: approx.  3" long and 2 1/2" wide These aren't small and are meant to be a statement piece. 

Hangs from a silver color (nickel free) wire hook with silicone backing.