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Mirach - Elements Celestial Dangles

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Acrylic, laser cut earrings. 

Size: 4" long and 1 1/2" wide

Includes silicone backing. All metals used are nickel free. 

They feature a glitter crescent moon, Moonstone gemstone beads, and symbols of the elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The styles I create are rooted in my Pagan and witchcraft belief system. The elemental symbols are a basic part of magic, and are also represented by a Pentagram- which has 5 points for the 5 elements. The 5th element is Spirit, which is represented in these earrings by the moonstone beads and the crescent moon, which to me are the connection to that realm. My hope is that the wearer of these earrings feels the deep connections we have to the natural world.