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The Sovereign- Earrings Collab with Spooky Fat Babe

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Acrylic, laser cut earrings.

Size: 3 1/4" long and 1" wide 

Includes silicone backing. All metals used are nickel free. 

This is a super special Collab between SpookyFatBabe x Moody Girl Accessories!!! These earrings are lightweight and come with a stainless steel post backing, but can be converted to clip-ons for an additional charge.

SpookyFatBabe (Minerva Seigel) is an author, beautiful human, and dear friend. She has written this thoughtful passage about the meaning behind this collab.

"I was raised in the 90s on film noir, and in those classic, glamorous, old Hollywood films, there always seems to be something so luxurious about the ritual of putting on a dazzling pair of dangling earrings. Stunning starlets of the silver screen would accessorize with earrings just before breezing stylishly out the front door, ready to make their mark on the world. A great pair of earrings served as the cherry on top of their elegant outfits; the final, fashionable pièce de résistance preparing them for whatever adventures lie ahead. My whole life, I’ve wished I could wear earrings, but because I have a connective tissue disease that prevents me from having pierced ears, I’ve had to miss out on the experience. It’s been a bummer! Enter: The creatrix behind Moody Girl Accessories, Linnae. She’s an eclectic witch and truly wonderful soul who makes jewelry in her basement laboratory (which I like to affectionately imagine as being a spooky, mysterious lair à la the inventive Grandpa Munster). She electro-forms crystals and found objects to create one-of-a-kind, wearable art, and works in her laboratory with a fancy, futuristic laser-cutter to create etched acrylic designs. One day, I made a post on Instagram in which I casually lamented my inability to wear earrings. Linnae saw my post, and offered to work with me to create earrings that I’d be able to comfortably wear. To be honest, I wasn’t initially very hopeful that we’d find a solution. After all, I’ve tried all sorts of faux-earrings over the years. Adhesive, stick-on earrings fall off and get lost, and traditional metal or plastic clip-on styles are really painful—the hinges pinch, and they’re so uncomfortably tight that they’d leave my ears bruised and sore for days. Still, Linnae was determined to help. After some trial and error, a sort of miracle occurred: she found the holy grail of clip-on earrings! They’re gentle, acrylic, and hinge-free, so there’s no pinching, soreness, or bruising. The clips are so small and dainty-looking that I really didn’t expect them to be strong enough to secure earrings, but the design is somehow so perfect that they hold even bulky earring designs reliably. While Linnae’s earrings come standard with stainless steel posts, we’re so excited to share these holy grail clip-ons with others by offering them as a $3 add-on option to the purchase of our Sovereign earrings. Throughout this whole process, Linnae and I have become really close friends. She’s a kind-hearted, clever, creative, remarkable person, and a fellow tarot enthusiast! Collaborating with her on the design of these earrings feels like such a natural next step, and has been such a fun process. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into perfecting the design, and we’re so excited to finally share them with you! The Sovereign earrings are inspired by the Queen of Swords* tarot archetype, and designed to invoke the same unstoppable energy as the traditional tarot card. The Queen of Swords is a powerful force who carries a very particular, bold energy. The card represents a badass, discerning, confident figure who cuts through gilded falsehoods and has the bravery to get straight to the heart of things. While the Queen of Swords is an assertive and intelligent leader, they’re also an eternal student, forever seeking more knowledge and new perspectives so they can make the best, most informed decisions possible. The Queen of Swords has a very strong sense of themselves and intuitive moral compass, never allowing fear stop them from taking a stand and fighting for what’s right. Wear the Sovereign earrings as talismen, reminding you to stand tall, seek the truth, and believe in your own power. Wear them with pride and confidence. Remember: you’re strong, capable, and your voice deserves to be heard. *Though many tarot cards are traditionally gendered, I reject that notion and approach tarot with a more modern, inclusive, nonbinary perspective. I consider the Queen of Swords to be nonbinary, and these earrings are to be enjoyed by people of any gender. "